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August 2016 Archives

Four ways to present a united front when parenting after divorce

Just because you and your former spouse are no longer married doesn't mean that you won't be doing anything together. On the contrary, you will be doing one of the most important things together: you will be raising your children. But if you no longer get along, how can you accomplish the challenging task of co-parenting? 

Couples may be more likely to split in certain seasons

Minnesotans who file for divorce in the months of March and August may be surprised to learn that they're part of a larger prevailing trend. According to research out of the University of Washington, these periods exhibited consistent spikes in divorce filings between 2001 and 2015. Sociologists said that even though their study assessed divorce motions in different regions of Washington state and among a variety of demographic cross sections, the seasonal trends remained strong enough to be noteworthy.

Divorce and migration in Michigan

It has long been a tradition in the United States for people to move in search of jobs, companions or other opportunities. However, people are moving about half as much today as they did 50 years ago. While researchers are not sure what has caused this trend, they suspect that it may have something to do with divorce rates and child custody arrangements.

Make prudent financial decisions during divorce

One of the major decisions that Minnesota spouses must make during the divorce process is what to do with the family home. For many couples, the home is the most valuable asset that they own. Couples may also need to consider how to distribute other assets of value such as retirement accounts.

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