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Men and women approach property negotiations differently

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2016 | Property Division

A divorce is typically the culmination of a longstanding conflict between spouses. And throughout the divorce process, there will be a number of potentially contentious issues to resolve, one of which is property division. On the surface, it may seem that men and women come to the settlement table fairly evenly matched. After all, each played a role in accruing the property and therefore they should each get their fair share in the division, right?


Well, in theory, this may be true but the reality can be very different. This is because both sides will employ negotiating strategies designed to reach a settlement that is their own best interests. But if you are a woman, you may want to acquaint yourself with some information contained in an article written by two PhDs at the University of Pennsylvania.

According to the PhDs, men and women take very different approaches when negotiating. Women often have interpersonal goals that may include consideration regarding their relationships with others. But men are more goal-oriented and less concerned with relationships. This can give men a decided advantage when engaging in negotiations because they are typically more interested in getting what they want. On the other hand, a woman may be more willing to settle for a smaller monetary award in an attempt to maintain a better relationship with her ex.

The information in this post is not meant to cast aspersions on women, and it certainly does not apply to every woman. However, if you’re a woman who is going through a divorce, it may be a good idea to assess your own negotiating strategy when trying to get the settlement you deserve. And sometimes, it is very helpful to have a third party who can provide you with support and advice.

A Minnesota family law attorney can act as your guide through the very difficult process of property division. The attorney can help you negotiate in a manner that will serve your interests and help you meet your goals.


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