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A list of what divorce can do for you

On Behalf of | May 2, 2016 | Divorce

Divorce is an emotionally charged subject. Most people do not seek a divorce unless there are irreconcilable grievances that cannot be resolved within the marriage. Usually, this means that there is an intense emotional component. Anger, jealousy and hurt all combine to make the divorce process incredibly taxing on the individual and their family. This article will go over what a divorce can and can’t do for you.

What can a divorce do for you? Contrary to the way it is portrayed on television, divorce takes a very mathematical approach to separation. It can divide your property, retirement accounts and incomes. It can set up a spousal support schedule. The court accomplishes these various tasks by considering all of the factors in the case and applying them to a series of formulas. The formula helps determine how to fairly divide up the marital assets.

It also allocates child custody and visitation rights. For determining this, the court does not rely on formulas and instead takes a holistic approach to the case. For the judge, the only determining factor is what is best for your children. So it is imperative that you always approach child custody and visitation from the same perspective.

What can a divorce not do for you? It should not be used as a tool to find closure or to get emotional revenge on your partner. Attacks against your partner may invariably rebound onto you. Moreover, the court will not take positions in order to punish your spouse ? even if he or she may deserve it through their actions. The courts’ one overriding goal is to fairly divide the property and watch out for your child’s interests.

If you are seeking a divorce, then you may want to contact a lawyer. Divorce is a complex undertaking and having a neutral counselor to shepherd you through the process can be very helpful. An attorney can help clarify the issues so that you do not allow your emotions to lead you to a decision you may regret.

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