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February 2016 Archives

How orders for protection work in Minnesota

It is a sad fact that many Minnesotans are not safe in their own homes. Their spouse or partner regularly threatens and abuses them physically, sexually or both. This perversion of love and marriage has no place in society, and when victims make the often-difficult decision to get out, the law can help protect them from their abusers.

How does going through divorce affect your job performance?

Divorce is one of the most stressful and negative events a person can go through, perhaps second only to the death of a loved one. Surprisingly, a University of Minnesota professor says, there has not been enough research into how going through divorce affects your job performance.

9 reasons a Minnesota judge might reject your prenuptial agreement

We have spoken before in this bog about prenuptial agreements, and how they give numerous Minnesotans reassurance that they will not lose valuable assets if they get divorced someday. While a prenup is a good idea for many couples, it is also a legal contract that must be properly negotiated, drawn up and executed. Otherwise, the prenup cannot be enforced in court and is not worth the paper it’s written on.

The 5 cheapest, and costliest, states to divorce in

How much a divorce costs depends on several factors. One of the most important is how much the spouses can agree on, whether through a prenuptial agreement, through negotiations or via alternative dispute resolution. In general, contentious divorces take longer and cost more, as the case drags out in court.

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