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Wealthy former Minneapolis-area couple battling over alimony

Divorce is so common in Minnesota that cases rarely make the newspapers. But then, it is rare that a divorce case last more than three years, with millions of dollars at stake.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently reported on this high-profile case, which pits a former Edina couple against each other. The former husband is the son of a multi-millionaire, and the couple reportedly lived a luxurious lifestyle. When not at their $2.7 million home, they were flying their private jet around the world, hobnobbing with Middle Eastern royalty and government officials. Their children went to the prestigious Breck School in Golden Valley.

The ex-wife claims that her former father-in-law told her to end her career as a business executive and focus on raising the children. He allegedly promised that she “will be taken care of for life” financially.

But when the couple finally divorced in 2014 after two years of proceedings, the division of property remained — and remains — unsettled. The ex-husband is offering a share of his $500,000 annual salary for spousal support. That support is far less than what the ex-wife would receive if she receives a share of her ex-father-in-law’s trust funds, which is worth tens of millions of dollars, the Star Tribune says.

The ex-wife says she was left with “nothing” while the rest of the family enjoys a millionaire lifestyle. She feels like she has been treated “like a used Kleenex” by her ex-husband’s family.

Though few married people in the Twin Cities are millionaires, a bad financial settlement can leave a divorcing spouse in serious financial peril. The help of an experienced divorce attorney can prevent this disaster.

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