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January 2016 Archives

Should I get divorced in January?

Back on Dec. 31, we mentioned that January is the busiest month out of the year for divorce filings. Emotionally, it makes sense for many people to wait until after the holidays and begin the year with the fresh start divorce can provide. But there are reasons not to file in January that those considering it should weight against the benefits, an article in Forbes warns.

Child custody is not set in stone post-divorce

After the final divorce decree is issued, both former spouses are expected to abide by its terms. This means observing the child custody schedule, making the necessary payments to complete property division, and keeping up on regular payments like child support and alimony.

5 things not to say to someone sad about their divorce

In a way, a divorce is like a death. Though nobody has actually died, divorce is the end of a marriage, so it can turn the spouses’ lives upside down. The emotions this causes can feel similar to grieving. Indeed, it is natural to mourn the loss of a relationship that you once thought would last forever, even if you were the one who asked for the divorce.

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