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Divorce: Beginning the new year with endings

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Divorce

When couples get married, there is generally a lot of planning that goes into the wedding. However, when it comes to divorce, many couples enter into the process ready to fight tooth and nail, but haven’t taken the time to really prepare for what it is that they want to fight over.

The month of January is the most popular month for divorce throughout the Twin Cities area, and elsewhere throughout the country. Most believe that this is because most couples, or unhappy spouses, do not want to ruin the holidays with the shadow of an impending divorce. For that reason, individuals and couples hold off until after the first of the year to file for divorce. But, how will planning help with the divorce process?

Many professionals who work with divorcing individuals believe that being armed with information before initiating a divorce will help prepare the person with not only what to potentially expect, but also create a plan to complete before even taking the first step.

For example, it is suggested to consult with a CPA or a financial planner. You may want someone knowledgeable to help you create a budget based on one income instead of two. Also, what about your retirement account, or lack thereof? Are there things that you can do or prepare for ahead of time? Is the possibility of discussing topics such as this with your soon-to-be former spouse an option?

Additionally, what about setting up a consultation with an attorney before filing, so that you can work together to create a to-do list to complete before papers are filed? If you think that divorce may be on the horizon for 2016, talk to an attorney today to go over what you need to do to learn more about the process and what you can to do prepare before it begins.

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