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December 2015 Archives

Study claims most people considering divorce aren't serious

Sometimes, what motivated someone to pursue divorce is fairly clear. Other times, the process of going from love and devotion to wanting to leave the other spouse is less obvious from the outside. Maybe even the divorcing spouse cannot describe how it happened.

How Minnesota judges create an 'equitable' property division

Like most states, Minnesota uses the “equitable division” standard when splitting up marital property during a divorce. It is important to remember that, in this context, “equitable” does not automatically mean “equal,” though in some cases that may be the result. Instead, the aim is for the division to be fair to both sides.

Minnesota man's children taken from reservation in custody dispute

When state and federal law clash with the law of an American Indian reservation, unraveling which court has jurisdiction and what rulings must be followed can be quite complex. When the legal dispute is over child custody, the results will likely be very disappointing for somebody.

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