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Divorced Minnesota grandparents sharing NYC apartment

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Divorce

Taking on a roommate can help renters save money. But few would go so far as to share an apartment with their former husband or wife.

That is what a pair of Minnesota grandparents has done, according to Yahoo Parenting. The couple divorced about a decade ago after 36 years of marriage. They have a daughter in New York City. When they learned their daughter was pregnant, the parents decided they wanted a place to live there so they could spend time with their grandchild and help with day care.

Instead of each of them finding separate residences, they decided to share an apartment. Not at the same time — the grandparents take turns visiting. But they picked it out together and furnished it with items they saved from their time together.

Obviously, this divorced couple is better able than most to work together amicably toward a common goal: in this case, to support their daughter and bond with their young grandchild. A psychologist interviewed by Yahoo said that divorced people looking to keep their relationship with their ex at least civil can take steps to do so, such as:

  • Avoid pushing buttons.
  • Take the high road as much as possible.
  • Let go of grudges, anger and resentment.
  • Focus instead on what is important in the big picture, such as the children’s well-being.

You may not want to co-sign a lease with your ex, but it may be possible for you to still have a productive and comfortable relationship with him or her.

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