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Man going through divorce living on front lawn of mansion

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2015 | Divorce

Few divorces make headlines in Minnesota. When they do, they either involve Hollywood celebrities, politicians, or prominent businesspeople. Otherwise, the case is strange or unique enough to garner the media’s attention. The story we have today is one of the latter.

A Texas man is camping out in front of the mansion he used to share with his wife, apparently out of protest for being thrown out of the house in March. He insists that the house is “my own property,” though the house’s deed is in both spouses’ names. The man is reportedly in poor health, and has gotten offers to stay with friends. He says he could afford to move into a hotel, but has continued to live on the front lawn ever since.

USA TODAY reports that the husband has a history of abusing his wife. He was arrested on domestic violence charges in 2008. In 2014, the wife obtained a protective order, though the couple apparently was still cohabiting until March. One of the couple’s sons told reporters that his father physically and verbally abused his mother for years.

The husband says his quest is to publicly expose his wife, who filed for divorce in June, for “what you’re doing to you’re doing to your husband.”

In many divorce cases, the house is the most valuable asset in the marital estate. Each spouse may expect to keep the home, and want to fight for it tooth and nail. But there are consequences to getting the house that you may not consider, such as how to pay the mortgage on a single income.

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