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We’re in love! Why should we get a prenuptial agreement?

So, you have found “the One.” The person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The two of you have are deeply in love and cannot imagine ever being apart. Why would you ever consider a prenuptial agreement, let alone the possibility of divorce?

Because people get divorced all the time, as the Huffington Post reminds us. Though it is natural to enter into a marriage certain that it will last “’til death do us part,” the reality is that divorce is common. And if you are not prepared, the process can take a long time, costing you more in legal fees and emotional pain.

Talking about a prenuptial agreement now can save a lot of effort and heartache later. Yes, it is not romantic, but you and your spouse might look back someday and agree that drawing up a prenup was one of the smartest things the two of you did.

Some couples will likely argue that a prenup makes no sense for them. They may believe that prenuptial agreements are just for rich people looking to protect their fortunes. But anybody can benefit from a prenup. Even if you are bringing few financial assets into your marriage, you likely would like to keep those assets in case you ever get divorced.

Also, if you have already had your wedding day, it is not too late to plan for the worst. In Minnesota, married couples can also create a postnuptial agreement, which is just like a prenup, except that it is created after the couple is already married.

For those interested in a prenup, a conversation with a family law attorney can get the ball rolling.

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