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Smiling couple posts post-divorce selfie on Facebook

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2015 | Divorce

Divorce is tough, but it can be easier when the spouses are able to work together to settle the necessary matters outside of court. Some Minnesota couples are even able to remain friendly afterward, whether due to lingering (platonic) affection, or for the sake of their children.

A Canadian couple recently let the world know how cordial their divorce filing was in the most modern way possible: by posting a selfie on Facebook, complete with hashtags.

The picture, which can be seen in this Huffington Post article, shows the exes standing in front of the courthouse, grinning widely. In a lengthy caption, the former wife explains that they are smiling because they had just achieved something “extraordinary.” It appears they have worked out a child custody arrangement that allowed them to continue to co-parent their children, and attend important school functions together.

In a later interview, the ex-wife said she and her ex-husband were not celebrating the end of their marriage. Instead, they were celebrating the fact that they were still friends after getting divorced from each other.

Most divorcing parents want to minimize pain and confusion for their children. And many people going through divorce recognize that it is important that their kids maintain a relationship with both parents, even if they live with one parent most of the time.

Doing so is unlikely to be as easy as snapping a picture and posting it on social media. However, judging by the photo, it appears these parents are off to a good start.

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