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Fathers’ rights group rallies at State Capitol

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2015 | Child Custody

As we have discussed before on this family law blog, when a judge in Minnesota must decide which parent a child will live with, the law requires him or her to consider the child’s best interests above everything else. Most parents also want what is best for their kids, but they may have very different opinions of what that actually looks like.

In addition, many parents, especially fathers, think that the deck is stacked against them when they go to court. They say that mothers often receive sole custody, even when the fathers are at least equally good at parenting. Many so-called “fathers’ rights” activists believe that old-fashioned views of parenthood prejudice many judges, depriving children of time with their dads.

In honor of Father’s Day, one such group rallied at the Minnesota Capitol recently. The Fathers’ Rights Movement of Minnesota said the rally was to raise awareness of what they call unjust child custody rulings. Fathers who want to be a major part of their children’s lives should get to share equal custody with mothers, the group’s founder said.

Another fathers’ rights organization said that Minnesota’s recent legislative session was successful, with 14 bills the group supported considered by lawmakers. One bill proposed changes to the parenting time system.

Whether or not to presume shared child custody is a controversial subject, and not everybody agrees it is a good idea. The Fathers’ Rights Movement of Minnesota had hoped for more than 100 people to attend its rally, but by noon only a handful had shown up, according to WCCO-TV.

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