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May 2015 Archives

When parenting time is restricted, or denied, in Minnesota

Many people believe that children do best when they have both of their parents in their lives. Minnesota law agrees. In most cases, divorced parents have a rebuttable presumption that they are entitled to parenting time, also known as visitation, for a minimum of 25 percent of the time.

Questions persist about Minnesota private divorce plan

It has been a few months since a pair of Minnesota lawmakers announced an idea to take divorce proceedings out of court in most cases. With the 2015 legislative session about to wrap up, the Minneapolis Star Tribune has an update on the proposal, which was not brought before the House or the Senate as a bill this year.

Requirements for creating a valid prenuptial agreement in MN

We have spoken in the past about the advantages that many couples enjoy by entering into a prenuptial agreement before marriage. Should the marriage end in divorce, the spouses will have determined ahead of time how to divide up their martial assets and whether either spouse will receive alimony. This can give the process some predictability, and make the divorce relatively short and painless.

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