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April 2015 Archives

Children may benefit from shared child custody after divorce

As in every other state, Minnesota family law courts put the “best interests of the child” at the forefront when deciding on child custody matters. Of course, every parent has their own opinion about what it in their child’s best interests, and divorcing parents may not have the same vision when it comes to how much time their kid will spend with each of them.

U.S. may not participate in international child support treaty

The United States’ participation in an international treaty on child support may be in jeopardy, after a legislative committee in one state voted against a key bill. As a result, parents in Minnesota and across the country may not enjoy the treaty’s benefits when it comes to getting child support from noncustodial co-parents abroad.

Mediation is a good option for many divorcing couples

Divorce need not be combative and unbearably stressful. Many spouses are parting as friends, or at least amicably enough that they are able to sit in the same room and talk about how to resolve division of property, child custody and other things that need to be figured out before the divorce can be finalized.

The implications of paternity cases in Minnesota

Though it is generally clear who a Minnesota child’s mother is, paternity is sometimes less obvious, especially if the parents are not married. This can complicate matters like who is responsible for paying child support, and who has the right to seek visitation or child custody.

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