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March 2015 Archives

How do I protect my business in my divorce?

The divorce of a business owner can affect multiple parties: the owner, his or her spouse, his or her business partners and the business itself. Proper planning by a business owner going through divorce can ensure that the divorce affects the ownership structure according to the owner’s wishes.

Their parents' divorce causes depression in some Minnesota kids

It is normal for children to be upset when they find out their parents are getting a divorce. Though they may have sensed for some time that things between their parents were not right, it still can be a shock to learn that the family will not be living under one roof anymore.

Minnesota legislators propose all-private 'cooperative divorce'

Readers may recall out Feb. 19 blog post, in which we discussed a bill before the Minnesota Legislature this session that, if passed, would impact many divorce proceedings in the state. That bill would require most divorcing parents of minors to attend a four-hour divorce class before they can finalize the dissolution of their marriage.

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