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3 ways to address your finances, maybe avoid divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2015 | Divorce

We have reached the end of January, which is known as “divorce month” in legal circles. That is because new filings go up by about a third every January, according to CNBC.

The reason for this annual jump could be timing. Many spouses wait until after the holiday season to announce they want a divorce. In theory, once New Years Eve is over and the children have had a happy holiday season, it is the right time to file.

Some marriages are simply not meant to be. But others may be fixable. Couples who are on the path to divorce over money may benefit from these tips:

  • Respect each other’s point of view. Financial problems can be stressful, and it can be difficult for people to see beyond their own needs. People often learned their attitude toward money as children, so it can be difficult to change. Respecting each other’s experiences can help build empathy and understanding.
  • Create a budget. Many financial problems can be solved by simply drawing up a budget for the two of you. If you and your spouse have different expectations, try to create a budget that takes both into account. This will make your financial situation clear and take away surprises.
  • Plan for the future. After creating the budget, you and your spouse should discuss your hopes for the future. Where do you see yourselves in three years? In 10 years? Now is the time to start planning to make those dreams a reality.

Ignoring financial problems will not make them go away. They could even cost you your marriage. If that happens, you will need a family law attorney to protect your rights and represent your interests.

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