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October 2014 Archives

Can divorce be predicted before the marriage?

Sometimes, people who file for divorce say that their spouse has changed and is no longer the person they married. That could be true to some extent, but often the reality is, the spouse’s faults were there when the couple got married. Perhaps they got worse over time, but many times the seeds of a divorce were planted by the wedding day.

Making a case for, or against, alimony in a Minnesota divorce

Spousal maintenance, more commonly known as alimony, is frequently a source of controversy in family law. Are spouses who receive alimony lazy freeloaders? Or is a spouse who refuses to pay spousal support failing to recognize the many contributions the payee made during the marriage to make the payer’s financial success possible?

Should you have a social media clause in your prenup?

If you are considering the inclusion of a prenuptial agreement with your marriage, you are not alone. More people, especially those who are entering their second marriage, are using prenuptial agreements to set expectations about how property will be divided in the event the relationship doesn’t work out.

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