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September 2014 Archives

How can divorce mediation help?

Many divorcing couples are able to use mediation to resolve their disputes and reach a settlement that both former spouses are satisfied with. But whether a divorce mediation is successful or not depends to a large extent on the participants. Spouses who are able to negotiate fairly and without excessive emotion, despite their personal differences, are more likely to negotiate a fair settlement that those who go in with an attitude of trying to “get” their ex.

Study: divorce affects wealthy kids' behavior the most

A study that attempts to identify links between class and divorce’s impact on children seems to raise as many questions as it answers. Still, it presents an interesting glimpse into how parents’ divorce may affect children of wealth more than children from the middle class or those closer to the poverty line.

The basics of child custody in Minnesota

When married parents in Minnesota get divorced, or unmarried parents break up, one of the most important legal issues that needs to be settled is what to do about the children. Though many parents are able to work together to create a child custody plan, in other cases the parents clash, requiring the aid of the court.

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