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June 2014 Archives

Minnesota marijuana bust could raise child custody issues

A nine-year-old Minnesota girl is staying with relatives after going to the police about her parents’ marijuana-growing operation. Officers went to the home with a search warrant based on the girl’s statement and reportedly uncovered several immature marijuana plants and related paraphernalia. It remains to be seen how the parents’ child custody rights will be affected or who will take custody of the girl if the parents’ rights are terminated.

Avoid these three major divorce missteps

A recent article in Forbes discusses three major mistakes to avoid during divorce. Although the article focused on wealthy couples and property division, the issues address can actually be applied more broadly to divorcing couples of all income levels, and need not be limited to the financial aspects of divorce.

Bitcoin raises issues of asset concealment in divorce

Bitcoin has created a new way for spouses to hide assets from one another during divorce, adding another potential stumbling block during the property division process. Virtual currencies like Bitcoin are relatively anonymous because they exist independently of banks, making them difficult to trace back to an individual.

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