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May 2014 Archives

More couples opt for amicable divorce through mediation

Some call it "friendly divorce," others call it "conscious uncoupling." Whatever the name, a growing number of divorcing spouses are choosing to end their marriages with an eye toward remaining amicable. For many Minnesota couples, this is accomplished through divorce mediation.

Research suggests divorce may be socially contagious

When a marriage hits the skids, some couples grin and bear it while others call it quits and file for divorce. A study out of Brown University suggests that couples who take the latter approach may cause a ripple effect within their social circles, increasing the chances that other couples they know will divorce.

Failure to take a modern approach to marriage may end in divorce

Looking back on the months or years spent in an unhappy marriage often provides an individual with greater insight into why a relationship was unhealthy and how they may have unknowingly condoned or contributed to its dysfunction. Minnesotans who are currently experiencing marital problems may be able to benefit from the experiences of others who chose to reclaim their lives, leave an unhappy marriage and file for divorce.

Study says couples facing this challenge more likely to divorce

Many readers of this blog may be familiar with the term "gray divorce." It has been used in countless stories in recent months to describe the trend of couples over the age of 50 getting divorced. Some people suggest that the increase in divorces is due to longer life spans, shifts in gender roles over time or the desire to seek new opportunities after kids have left the home.

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