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Adoption law passed: Will Minnesota follow Wisconsin’s lead

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2014 | Family Law

There are parents all across Minnesota who would do anything to protect their children. They go to great lengths to be sure a child is protected, cared for and as happy as possible. This is true whether a parent is biological parent or adoptive parent. 

Unfortunately, not all moms and dads are capable of providing a child with a safe and stable home. While there are laws in place to protect these children, there are gaps in the system that allow some children to be put in danger because of their parents. Now Wisconsin is taking action to close at least one of these gaps, and it is possible that Minnesota and other states across the country could follow their lead.

The Wisconsin law was recently passed in light of some shocking behaviors that were identified during an investigation into something called “re-homing children.” According to the investigation, children who had been legitimately adopted by a parent were then being adopted by someone else in an unregulated exchange. 

Essentially, adoptive parents were handing their children over to someone else, often a stranger answering an online ad. These children were given to unsafe people and put in unsafe environments without anyone being held accountable. But after the new law was recently passed, this practice of “re-homing” will hopefully come to an immediate end.

Children have the right to be in a safe and loving environment. When parents or other adults put kids in danger, they could face some serious consequences, including loss of parental rights. The new Wisconsin law mandates that parents must have judicial approval before transferring custody to someone else. If they fail to get the proper permissions, the parent could be sentenced to jail and significant fines.

What do you think? Should Minnesota consider passing a similar here to prevent this disturbing trend?

Source: TIME, “Wisconsin Inks Bill to Prevent Parents From ‘Giving Away’ Adopted Children,” David Stout, April 17, 2014

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