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April 2014 Archives

Tackling financial issues after a Minnesota divorce

Once a divorce is finalized, many ex-spouses experience a wave of difficult emotions. The reality that a marriage is over can set in quickly and it can be understandably overwhelming. People have to adjust to different schedules, a new home and a new lifestyle. Sometimes this can feel liberating, but other times it can be very frightening.

Is $7,000 monthly child support award ludicrous?

Arguing about child support in court is something that no parent wants to have to do. However, it can be a necessary fight to have when the well-being and care of a child is at stake. In general, child support cases involve one parent who wants or needs it and another who does not want to pay. In most cases, it is up to each parent to provide the court with information that could affect the decision, but the determination for child support is ultimately left up to the judge.

Could it pay to be 'Minnesota nice' during a divorce?

We have all heard the phrase "Minnesota nice" and many of us are okay with the fact that others see us as kind, polite and well-mannered people in general. However, the fact is that we are not always nice. We can be aggressive, angry and unforgiving when it comes to protecting ourselves and our families. That is why divorces in this, and any other, state can get so ugly.

Custody battle crosses international borders

Many Minnesota parents cite a "battle" when it comes to child custody. People refer to it as a battle because it can be a very difficult fight between two sides that both have a lot at stake. However, once an agreement has been reached or a judge has made a ruling, it seems as though the fight is over.

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