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March 2014 Archives

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...divorce?

When two people get married, it is not unusual for them to hope for a fairytale relationship and lifetime of happiness. After all, that's what love songs promise and movies show us, right? But as many Minnesota couples have learned, the reality of marriage is that it is difficult and there are some relationships that do not last a lifetime. 

Stocks, appreciation at the center of property division dispute

When two people get divorced in Minnesota, it may seem fairly straightforward to part ways. However, there are significant legal complexities that can make this a very difficult process. For example, dividing property can be one of the polarizing issues that can complicate a divorce. This is because splitting up assets is not necessarily as easy as each spouse taking half of everything. Considerations must be made for what is and is not marital property. This can be a difficult process when it comes to assets like stocks and business earnings.

Do you need to pursue child support modification?

Parents will often do whatever they can to provide for their children. However, every person has limits and there may be certain obligations that parents in Minnesota may not be able to meet, despite their best efforts. For example, if a parent is ordered to pay child support, he or she may be able to keep up with payments for a period of time. But if he or she loses a job, suffers a serious injury or experiences another significant life event, it may become impossible to keep up with that same support payment schedule. 

The business side of a Minnesota divorce

Any person who has been divorced would likely agree that it was a challenging and emotional process. Ending a romantic relationship is not something that people generally do overnight, and it can take quite some time to recover from the split and take steps to move forward. It can be even more difficult to do this when two people own a business together.

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