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February 2014 Archives

Blurred lines: The complications of asset division after divorce

Dividing up assets after a couple has filed for divorce is not always as easy as "This is mine, this is yours and we'll split the rest." This can be especially true for couples who have significant or complex assets including real estate, investments, inheritances, businesses and even debts. And when a couple has been married for several years, it can be even more confusing to understand your rights.

Court: Minnesota man will not face felony for unpaid support

There are many parents who are upset when and if they are ordered to pay child support. They may see the order as a punishment; a way to penalize non-custodial parents. But the fact is that child support is intended to benefit the child so that his or her needs to continue to be met even when parents are no longer raising a child together. Without the support of both parents, a child's well-being could be significantly and negatively affected.

Many Minnesota couples not feeling the love on Valentine's Day

As we may all be aware, Valentine's Day is coming up this week. And although it can be a day reserved for boxes of candy and bouquets of flowers, this holiday can be especially difficult for unhappy couples in Minnesota who may not be feeling all that romantic.

We teach our kids to share, but what about parents?

Parents often try to teach their children important life lessons by setting a good example. But parents are not perfect and there are some situations in which it can be very difficult to set that good example. For instance, when two parents are getting a divorce, they can get tangled up in heated emotions and complex situations that make it very difficult to act in a certain way. Often, parents are fighting to protect themselves and their relationship with their child, which can make them say and do things they normally wouldn't.

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