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January 2014 Archives

How shifting alimony trends could affect Minnesota couples

Family dynamics have changed significantly over time. Just a generation ago, issues like child custody, alimony and divorce were discussed very differently than they are today. But that does not mean that they are any less confusing for people across Minnesota. In fact, these changes can leave people with more questions about what their options are in certain situations.

Abandon ship: Captain and Tennille headed for divorce

Couples of any age in Minnesota may be thinking about getting a divorce. And while each couple has a unique set of experiences that may have led to this point, there may be similarities in these experiences depending on how long a couple has been together. Younger couples may divorce because of finances or because of arguments over how they want to raise a family, for example. But older couples who have been married for decades often have some very different reasons for ending a marriage.

The complications of a high-asset divorce in Minnesota

The process of ending a marriage does not happen overnight. In fact, many divorces can take several months or longer to be finalized. There are a number of reasons that a divorce can be drawn out, and many of them have to do with a couple's individual situation. For some couples in Minnesota, the issue that holds up a divorce is the division of assets. 

Father catches up on back child support, still sentenced to jail

Raising a child is not easy. Every parent in Minnesota likely realizes this. And when two parents are no longer together, the stresses of raising a child can be even greater on a custodial parent. In order to ease some of the anxiety associated with this type of parenting, judges will often require that a non-custodial parent contributes financially by ordering child support.

Study: Kids much more affected by divorce than parents realize

People all across Minnesota may be glad to put 2013 behind them and look forward to making a fresh start. And with the New Year often comes a list of resolutions that we hope to achieve. One item that parents may want to consider is resolving to communicate better with their children. This can be especially important for parents who are adjusting to life after a recent divorce.

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