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December 2013 Archives

Holiday chaos: When gifts and custody collide in Minnesota

Enjoying the holidays is something that sounds simple, but is actually quite complicated. Even with help from Santa Claus, they do not just come together like magic. Parents in Minnesota are likely familiar with the stress and strain of getting through the holiday season, and this can be even more pronounced when two parents are divorced. 

Should it be harder to file for divorce?

Making the decision to end a marriage is never easy and it isn't a decision that people generally come to overnight. Minnesota couples typically experience an extended period of unhappiness or dissatisfaction in a marriage before they ultimately decide to file for divorce. Couples may have already explored counseling, therapy, mediation, trial separation and other solutions to help repair a marriage before determining that it is irretrievably broken. The divorce process can be hard enough for couples to deal with.

Age and divorce: This group's divorce rate continues to boom

For many years, we have read statistics telling us that the divorce rate in Minnesota and nationwide is high. We are reminded that about half of all marriages end in divorce on a seemingly regular basis. But recent reports suggest that the divorce rate has declined overall in recent years. Across the U.S., the divorce rate is actually closer to 40 percent. 

High-tech divorces: Are they right for you?

There are many Minnesota couples who are going through a difficult time in their marriage and share similar feelings of jealously, dissatisfaction, anger or resentment. However, every couple is unique in why they feel what they feel, and to what extent these emotions affect their relationship. No two marriages are the same, which is why the process of getting divorced can be so challenging. 

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