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What may be at stake in high-asset Minnesota divorces

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2013 | Divorce, Spousal Maintenance

Minnesota couples who are ending a marriage will likely be confronted with many difficult emotional and legal challenges when they file for divorce. This process can be quite complex, especially for couples who have significant assets to consider. While it can be a lengthy and frustrating situation, it is important to remember that there are ways to secure a fair and satisfactory divorce settlement.

It is true that it can take some time to hash out agreements related to asset division and spousal support, especially in high-profile divorces. In fact, it took Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher about two years to settle their widely-reported divorce. But now the couple is finally able to move forward into a new chapter now that their divorce is finalized.

The famous couple has been separated since November 2011 and Kutcher filed for divorce a little over one year later. Since then, news outlets have reported the multitude of issues that prevented the divorce from moving forward. The couple was reportedly fighting over alimony and property division, which is not uncommon for couples with extensive earnings and assets. Together, the celebrity couple is said to be worth more than $300 million.

While most Minnesota couples do not have anywhere near that amount of money at stake, arguments over money are relative. Whether a couple has $2,500 or $2.5 million, the fact is that splitting up marital assets fairly and appropriately is often a top concern in any divorce.

But now two years after the couple split up, sources are reporting that they have finally reached a settlement with the help of their attorneys. Both Moore and Kutcher are believed to have made concessions in order to finally end their marriage and once that happened, they were able to clear a major hurdle that was delaying the divorce.

This is a good lesson for any couple considering a divorce. In the beginning of a breakup, feelings are hurt and emotions run high. Over the course of time, however, people start to re-prioritize their emotions and goals. In Moore and Kutcher’s case, both have reportedly moved on to new relationships, and it is possible that they were more driven to end the marriage and move on and less determined to make a point or fight over less significant issues.

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