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October 2013 Archives

Mother of Liam Gallagher's daughter seeks child custody and support

When a child is born to parents who are not married, matters related to child custody and child support matters are often less clearly defined. In cases where one parent is absent from a child's life or may have personal problems that could potentially pose a direct threat to the child's wellbeing, one parent may choose to seek primary child custody and to limit the other parent's access to the child.

How emotions can affect property division in a Minnesota divorce

Making the decision to end a marriage is often very difficult and emotional. Many divorces involve one or two spouses who may feel hurt, betrayed, unsatisfied, guilty, angry and sad. These emotions are completely normal during such a difficult time, but they can end up clouding a person's mind when it comes to more logical processes involved in a divorce such as dividing up assets and properties.

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