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Divorce Archives

Early steps for stability after the end of a marriage

Most people have some idea their partner is about to file for divorce, and spouses in Minnesota usually don't seek an end to their marriage without making some plans. If it seems like a possibility, there are ways to prepare financially for the end of a marriage. These steps can minimize fights over property division later on, speed up negotiations and reduce tensions at a time when emotions are clouding judgement.

Employment strong factor in divorce

Minnesota residents may be interested in the findings of a study correlating divorce rates with employment. A Harvard professor found that since 1975 a husband's employment status has played an increasing role in the likelihood of divorce. While each divorce is unique and comes with its own list of causes, understanding the factors that contribute to the end of a marriage can help to both minimize the risk and prepare for a possible divorce.

Political disagreements ending many relationships in the US

Political conversations seem to be center stage at many family dinner tables since President Trump has been elected. Unfortunately, some of those conversations are taking their toll on marriages in Minnesota and across the country. Many couples are even separating over political differences.

When moving impacts parenting time

If a Minnesota resident has custody of his or her child, he or she may not move to another state without consent of the court or the other parent who may have visitation or custody rights. A move will typically not be permitted if it is being done to interfere with the visitation rights of the other parent. When considering whether or not to approve a move to another state, the best interests of the child must be taken into consideration.

How to handle a marital separation

Minnesota couples whose marriages are on the rocks may choose to go through a physical separation as opposed to a complete divorce. However, there are issues that they need to consider before they choose to go through the separation process. First, it is critical that an individual understands the financial situation in his or her household. This means understanding how much each person makes, how much goes toward bills each month and other basic facts.

Many couples are getting prenuptial agreements

An increasing number of Minnesota couples are looking towards prenuptial agreements, and many people are getting them drawn up even if financial issues or inequalities do not exist. For many couples, the benefit of creating and signing a prenup is that both individuals know where they stand financially and what the other person's expectations are.

The higher divorce rate for older adults

The divorce rate for older couples in Minnesota and around the country has essentially doubled since the 1990s. In fact, for adults in the United States who were 50 years of age or older in 2015, 10 out of every 1,000 married persons sought a divorce, according to the National Center for Health Statistics and the United States Census Bureau. The divorce rate tripled to six individuals per every 1,000 married persons in 2015 for adults aged 65 years and older.

Divorce and protecting the family business

Minnesota residents who co-own a business with a spouse or soon-to-be spouse should be aware of how to protect their family business in the event of a divorce. This may be particularly important if the business has increased in value over the years or if the owners have a majority of their net worth tied up in the business.

Protecting trusts and family assets

In some cases, Minnesota parents may want to give certain financial assets or other property to their children in order to pass it down through the family. If the child later gets married, however, those assets could potentially be divided up in a subsequent divorce unless the family makes the move to protect them.

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